Sherlock, Series 1-4 & The Abominable Bride

Sherlock, Series 1-4 & The Abominable Bride


  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2010-07-25
  • Advisory Rating: TV-14
  • Episodes: 13
  • iTunes Price: USD 49.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 59.99


Catch-up on all four series plus The Abominable Bride special of the thrilling, multi-award winning detective drama SHERLOCK.


Title Time Price
1 Series 1, A Study in Pink 1:28:11 Season Only Buy on iTunes
2 Series 1, The Blind Banker 1:28:35 Season Only Buy on iTunes
3 Series 1, The Great Game 1:29:29 Season Only Buy on iTunes
4 Series 2, A Scandal in Belgravia 1:29:33 Season Only Buy on iTunes
5 Series 2, The Hounds of Baskerville 1:28:23 Season Only Buy on iTunes
6 Series 2, The Reichenbach Fall 1:28:27 Season Only Buy on iTunes
7 Series 3, The Empty Hearse 1:26:28 Season Only Buy on iTunes
8 Series 3, The Sign of Three 1:26:05 Season Only Buy on iTunes
9 Series 3, His Last Vow 1:29:08 Season Only Buy on iTunes
10 Sherlock, The Abominable Bride 1:29:20 Season Only Buy on iTunes
11 Series 4, The Six Thatchers 1:28:26 Season Only Buy on iTunes
12 Series 4, The Lying Detective 1:29:04 Season Only Buy on iTunes
13 Series 4, The Final Problem 1:28:59 Season Only Buy on iTunes


  • Come in for Holmes, stay back for Cumberbatch!!

    By KalyanNatarajan
    Absolutely entertaining and for Cumberbatch fans THIS is THE Mother Lode must-watch must-have show. Holmes purists may be disappointed that except for the names of the main characters, the address, and clever takes on the names of the original Conan Doyle short stories, there is not much else in common with Conan Doyle's original plot and spirit. In fact one might argue the Daniel Craig detective sleeper hit Knives Out is more faithful to the original mystery and detection spirit of Holmes and Poirot. Not this one ! This is a rolled up bundle of entertainment, thrills, heart, emotion, tears, friendship, laughter, all rolled up into a good old-fashioned Young Boys' Adventure - a bit of Holmes, Tintin, Hardy Boys - all rolled up into a terrific package of an entertainment that is full of heart and a fast narrative hyper-upgraded for the 21st century. The stories and plots are inconsequential, and stretched out with more than a few holes for the sake of drama and entertainment. But it's all good and at the end of the day - King Cumberbatch will have you gripped by your throat and you will regret it when the series ends. The rest of the main cast is awesome too and it's all very well produced. A huge shout out to Martin Freeman as Watson (Bilbo from The Hobbit). Finally if this series does not leave you with a Cumberbatch addiction, then you are not human .... You are ...Holmes!!! ....😀
  • Bonus features?

    By Stephen Holland
    The bonus features from the individual seasons are missing. Please fix, Apple. You don’t handle the “box sets” very well.
  • Love it!

    By itsthanhthanh
    It is a great show!
  • In love with this show

    By tokg6
    I honestly love this show. I grew up reading Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson adventures. I always found myself excited to see where their journey would lead. I love that this show sticks to the original, but at the same time ventures into new unfounded territory. I can't wait for season five, whenever that will be ( fingers crossed that will be soon)