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  • Six on History, Six on all my devices.

    By Srhmd
    I love this show. I started it because of Walton Goggins and now I am a fan of the whole Brotherhood.
  • Outstanding show

    By [ x ]
    Outstanding show! Captures how special these guys are and how just like you and me they sometime have stressful and unique family issues going on. But unlike you and me they have to immedietly put that aside and take on highly secret missions that most of the American population will never hear about. Great caracters , acting and storylines. These men are the best our country puts on the field and i for one am glad to see a show that gives a window into both the personal lives & professional lives of what it must be like for these operators
  • Excellent Show I Almost Skipped

    By alshataan
    The series is excellent. I watched the first episode and thought meh. But then I came back to it and it gets really good. Give it a shot past the first episode and you won't be disappointed.
  • 😘

    By Niceshark
    I like the way you are
  • Eh...Cliches and tired memes

    By Composer123
    Six is not terrible, but it's definitely not good. There have been many shows dealing with similar subjects (terror, military, tech, all that stuff of Zero Dark Homeland 24 etc...) but this one lacks nuance and any exciting narrative twists. We know what's going to happen. It's down to the slow mo that happens when one of the good guys is shot. There's little exploration of shades of grey of the social or political implications of these deployments, but then it's not exactly a kick-butt action series either. Maybe that's the problem, it's aspiring to be all things when it's not...any thing. But Six will suffice if you're desparate for a new show. I can imagine about twenty others that do much more with less.
  • Enjoyed it

    By SamuelC98
    I enjoyed this back when it aired, looking forward to season two,
  • Oh

    By TwinCedars
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  • Excellent Show

    By Pb11178
    Complicated characters and great story. Even the wife likes it!
  • Great Show

    By H556789
    I love it and I purchased the whole season on iTunes before it came out
  • Great Show!!!

    By Addicted to Vikings
    This show is fantastic. Fill the hole the unit left!! I hope they keep this going!!!